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    now,we’ll go home.


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    Another excerpt from the Iwatobi-Samezuka Joint Practice Drama CD track that came with the Volume 1 DVD (credits go to fencer-x for the amazing audio rip!)

    Sousuke: A joint practice with the Iwatobi Swim Club? You really are too soft after all.
    Rin: It’ll be a good incentive for samezuka anyway. Besides Sousuke, didn’t you say before that your entire body was buzzing with energy when you swam with Haru, right~
    Sousuke: That was a long time ago. i don’t feel anything for him right now.
    Rin: *giggles*
    Sousuke: By the way, isn’t the lake where we’re going to have the joint practice the same lake we went to when we were kids during one summer? 
    Rin: Ahh, when we went with the Sano Elementary school kids to go camping, right? There was also an amusement park and a water park close by!
    Sousuke: Yeah…
    Rin: Ah? Sousuke, what’s wrong?
    Sousuke: It’s just…I was just thinking that that summer has gone so far out of reach now.
    Rin: Huh, what do you mean?
    Sousuke: *laughs* It’s nothing…
    Rin: *giggles*

    Notes: I can’t handle all the giggling and Sousuke reminiscing about their childhood YET AGAIN. Poor boy is still so caught up with his memories of Rin…He probably never forgot a single moment they shared.

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